Wear That Sexy Thong For YOU, Not For Him

Empowered By You panties
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A new panty line is redefining why we buy and wear cute lingerie.

I've always had a close connection to lingerie (is that a weird thing to admit?) Back in college, I was funding my partying habits with a sales associate job at Victoria's Secret. I'd help dozens of women—both young and old—pick out frilly little pieces that their boyfriends or husbands would surely appreciate. After all those customers left for the day, I'd have time to shop the store solo to add something to my own collection (and at a 20-percent discount).

But without a boyfriend, I often opted out of buying the fancy negligee lining the walls just because I wanted it. Isn't the whole point of lingerie that it's supposed to be seen—if only for a few seconds before it gets taken off? It's not a gift you give yourself, it's a gift you're giving the visually-stimulated man in your life (as all of those Victoria's Secret commercials like to remind us). 

But a new line of underwear is putting the kibosh on that way of thinking. Empowered By You panties ($20, ahalife.com) aren't for your man; they're for, well, you. The comfortably chic underwear is redefining how we think of lingerie, turning the idea of wearing sexy underthings into a woman's choice instead of a man's desire. They're a gift you give yourself—or a friend—to help you feel more confident by reminding you of your most awesome qualities. Each panty comes in an individual, reusable package that feature a "fill-in-the-blank" dotted line for you to write down what empowers you: your job, relationship, crazy hair, ability to pull off red lipstick, etc. So, you're getting a jolt of irresistible girl power with your super sexy thong, and no one else has to see this pair but you.

Even better, one dollar from every purchase of the panties goes to Seven Bar Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps less fortunate women around the world create their own self-sufficient futures through microloans.

Until now, lingerie only had super powers in the privacy of your own bedroom. It was intended to peg you as a bedroom vixen instead of a strong, empowered woman. And I know, because I was selling it to you.

But I'd much rather sell the idea that the next thong you buy for a hot date night could hold more meaning, for you and others. Buy it 'cause you want it, girl, and you deserve it. If that doesn't make you feel amazing ... well then, I'd suggest a new bra too.

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