Top 5 Ideas For An Unforgettable Romantic Rendezvous


Planning a special date? Here are great ideas to get you and your date ready for a romantic time!

From finding the perfect settings to paying extra attention to the details that set the mood, planning a romantic date is almost an art. Because a date traditionally implies enjoying intimate moments with your better half, most of us consider that taking our loved ones to dinner and a movie is usually enough to knock them off their feet.

However, what most people forget is that in order for a romantic date to entail long-lasting memories and magical moments, it also has to be unique. In other words, taking your loved one to the same restaurant where you have dinner every weekend will not be viewed as a sign of affection, but rather as a monotonous activity that will grow mundane sooner or later. Following are five fun ideas to get you started:

1. Take your date to dancing lessons

The explanation to why couples are reluctant to this idea resides in the fact that most of us are born with two left feet. Irrespective of whether you know what you are doing or not on the dance ring, I want to underline the fact that dancing lessons are not really about becoming an expert at it. In fact, dancing with your life partner is all about learning new skills that will help you improve confidence in various areas of the relationship. Really now, what better way to get closer to the one you love, than both you moving to the rhythm of exotic the music, touching and holding, while spending some quality time together?

2. Plan a remake of your first date

If you are still telling your friends and family the story of how you two met, then the best ways to impress your better have is to recreate that incredible first date. Making sure all the slip-us, accidents and fine moments are all there is a surefire way to stir up all those feelings you have for each other as well as create a stronger bond. Even if you did not have a memorable first date, you could do your best to make sure the first date remake goes just the way it was meant to in the first place.

3. Tour the town in a limo

Since a romantic date is all about pampering your better half, then what better place to do so than a town-touring limousine? The limo is the ideal place to be with your sweetheart if you would like to enjoy some privacy so that you can focus all your attention towards her/him. And, perhaps the greatest thing about this date idea resides in the fact that the limo services will take care of all things for you: from your favorite dish, chocolate and ice-chilled champagne to flowers, relaxing music and mood lighting, you can't go wrong with a limo tour of the town. Besides, you can put this date idea into practice at any time of the year.

4. A trip to the planetarium

When it comes to the perfect ending to a night out with the one you love, there are few things more romantic than a walk under the stars and moonlight. At this point you are probably thinking that winter is not the best time of the year to take a stroll under the night sky. Not exactly, as you can enjoy a snugly view of the universe's splendor together at your local planetarium. On a side note, if both of you love the idea of admiring the night sky, but you live in a big metropolis, you really have no better option than the planetarium.

5. Organize a sunset picnic at the beach

Did you two meet at the beach? Or perhaps you spent several romantic vacations together on a tropical island? If the sea, the sun and the sand conjure up enjoyable memories of your moments together, then you can't go wrong with a picnic at the beach. Considering that during the day the beach is crowded and you surely prefer some time alone with your loved one, then the best time to plan your picnic is around sunset. There is no finer way to end the day than sipping from a glass of champagne and watching the sun go down over the restless waters.



This post was written by your friendly staff at Dardi Limo, a San Jose limousine service.