Love Or Sports: What's Your Guy's Football Season Priority?

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When it comes down to it, he loves me more than his football team. Right?

My quasi-new boyfriend and I are currently preparing for a big relationship transition: We're moving out of the "honeymoon" phase and into the "football-season" phase.

Instead of our usual Sunday dates watching Lost DVDs, he'll be watching the game on the couch or at the bar. While I'm catching up on freelance writing, he'll be struggling with fantasy team trades. And, worst of all, on the rare occasions that the New England Patriots lose, I'll experience his defeated mood for at least a solid 24 hours.

But that's okay, because when it comes down to it, he loves me more than his football team. Right?

Luckily, the answer to that question is yes, according to a recent social experiment commissioned by Puma. They asked European men the big question: love or football? (Remember that in Europe, football is actually what we call soccer, but the fanaticism is comparable, if not bigger.) After a series of tests — including asking participants to cut in half either a photo of their wife or of their favorite team — it was revealed that men love their partners a whopping five times as much as their preferred football club.

Thank goodness.

To be honest, I'm not nervous about entering our "football-season" phase; it will hopefully create a new way for the two of us to bond. And, if I don't end up being a Patriots fanatic, I'll gladly take advantage of the "me" time a game creates.

Do you lose your partner's attention during football season?

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