"Some B---- Wrote On My Guy's Facebook Wall!" 4 Steps To Take Now

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A step-by-step guide on how to react when someone is blatantly flirting with your man online.

Step 3: Assess the frequency. Is it one person who is constantly writing on your other half's wall and responding to their Tweets, or is it a plethora of pretty little ladies? And how often does it happen? If he has many female friends or this is just a one-time thing, bring it up to him only if your sixth sense tells you that something feels wrong. But if you've had an issue with a certain someone who's constantly flirting with your partner online, consider it a big red flag and realize it's definitely worth talking about. Perhaps your partner doesn't realize that these little acts of communication bother you. On the other hand, if it's just a girl friend of his who you know tends to be a little flirty with anyone and everyone, just let it pass. People likely see it for what it is anyways, and if the post suddenly disappears from his wall, it might raise some suspicion of a jealous girlfriend: you. 10 Twitter And Facebook Dating Red Flags

Step 4: Have "the talk." The dreaded talk will likely catch him off-guard, and you don't want him to go on the defense or else nothing will be solved. The best way to approach him (after following the above steps, of course) is to do so in a calm, casual way. Wait a day or so until after you've cooled off, and be sure not to accuse him. The focus here is on your feelings, not him and not the other woman. Tell him how you felt when you saw it, why it makes you feel that way and then offer a reasonable (yes, reasonable) solution. For example, you can tell him you'd appreciate it if he stopped "liking" her comments on his wall, or to be more aware before writing on other girls' walls. If something is out of line, you may suggest he delete it, but keep in mind men don't like to feel cornered or not in control of a situation. Once you've shared your feelings and a solution, allow him to solve the issue on his own time. No one wants to be nagged or pressured. He's more likely to comply and meet you halfway if you don't give him an ultimatum and don't demand anything of him. Just honesty ... and a flirt-free Facebook wall.

Tell us: how do you feel when you see someone of the opposite sex writing on your significant other's Facebook wall?

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