A-List Links: Jodie Foster's Letter Defending Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster

Plus, the shortest marriages in Hollywood & why Justin Theroux couldn't wait to put a ring on Jen.

Jodi Foster has had enough of the media ripping on Kristen Stewart for cheating on Robert Pattinson. The actress has penned a lengthy, emotionally-charged letter for The Daily Beast in which she defends her Panic Room costar and her recent behavior. She also says that she would never want to be a young actress in Hollywood right now. Read the full letter here: (TooFab)

From 55 hours to 72 days, here's a gallery of the shortest marriages in Hollywood history. Welcome to the club, Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada! (Zap2It)

Rashida Jones made a public apology on Twitter yesterday for her comment she made about John Travolta and how he should come out of the closet. But, did she really have to apologize? This writer doesn't think so. (Crushable)

Apparently Justin Theroux has been "dying" to propose to Jennifer Aniston. So, what took him so long? (Wetpaint)

Madonna's white wedding dress, Bjork's swan gown and 48 of the most scandalous dresses in history. This is a pretty ridiculous slideshow! (NY Mag's The Cut)

Introducing iVillage's latest blogger: Jennifer Garner! The celeb's first post? She's wondering if she's getting this whole "parenting thing" right. (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Yes, Tim Tebow is still shirtless in the pages of GQ. The football stud says he's giving his "heart and soul" to the New York Jets this season. But what about chicks, man? (uInterview)

Steal Christina Milian's sexy braided hairstyle for your next summer date night! It's super cute. (Latina)

Miley Cyrus isn't the only celeb who's gone completely bonkers and chopped off all of her hair. Check out these 30 celeb who've had drastic hair cuts: (CollegeCandy)

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