Alternative Uses For Personal Lube


Never fear, great alternative uses for lube are here!

1. Removes things that are too tight. Your engagement ring is too tight? No problem. Move the ring around, and a pour a few drops of  silicone underneath. Turn the ring around the finger a time or two, and rub more lubricant on again. Then gently pull the ring off the finger, working it back and forth and turning it gently as you go.

2. Removes price tags and product labels. You can remove sticky price tags and product information labels from new purchases with silicone lube. Just pour a small amount onto the item and rub the price tag until it disintegrates. You can also use this method to remove gum from hair. Don’t use it on fabrics as it may stain.

3. Untangles knotted bikes chains and gold jewelry. You can use lubricant to untangle bike chains, but you want to make sure you only use a small drop of silicone lube. Over lubricating the chain can make a tangled mess even worse. You can also lube to work out the knots in a gold chain or necklace.

4. Makes things go faster. An adult store reports that they have one customer who buys silicone lube in large quantities in order to use it on the sides of his boat to cut down the drag through water. You know it feels good, and it now you know it makes you go faster.

5. Moisturizes your skin. Silicone lube is a great solution for the sensitive skin on your genitals, so you can be assured that it will leave the skin on the rest of your body feeling sexy, soft, and silky smooth.

6. Detangles heads, manes and tails. A small amount of silicone lube can be used to remove tangles and mats from hair. Saturate the hair with lubricant and put on a conditioning cap. Allow the hair to soak in lube before attempting to loosen or detangle. Be sure to shampoo well afterwards. Silicone lube can also help with horse grooming, transforming even the most ragged mane or tail, leaving your pony shiny and soft.

7. Gives a close shave. If you think about it, Silicone lubricant has all the properties of shaving cream. It is smooth, easy to apply, and it moisturizes skin. In many cases, a personal lubricant may even work better than shaving cream. It doesn’t foam so you can clearly see where you are shaving and it doesn’t leave that rusty ring in the tub. Caution: It is very slippery so use caution in the bathtub or shower.

8. Makes things shiny and bright. If you’ve seen latex clothing in photos or clubs, it appears smooth and very shiny, but latex clothing requires polishing and care. You can use silicone lube to polish latex clothing and patent leather. You can also use it instead of Armor-all on the tires of your car. Try it on sun-damaged paint. It'll return to the paint to its original luster and shine.

9. Instead of your household lube Did you know you can use silicone lube where ever you would use WD-40® around the house? Use it on sticky locks and squeaky hinges. You can also use it to make large objects, like kitchen appliances, easier to move.

10. Makes stubborn, sticky things work like new. Use lube when you're in a hurry and can't get a nasty zipper to budge. Lube will make a sticky zipper work like new again. Lightly rub up and down the zipper to lubricate. We recommend using a water-based lubricant for this so you don’t stain delicate fabrics.