Has Anderson Cooper Moved On ... With Bravo's Andy Cohen?

Anderson Cooper rebounding
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Is the CNN correspondent rebounding from his longtime beau with a close friend?

Earlier this week photos surfaced of Anderson Cooper's boyfriend locking lips with another man. There were many pictures, and the two men were definitely kissing in a romantic way. Unfortunately for Anderson, there was no confusing the situation. Anderson Cooper & Boyfriend Benjamin Maisani Party At Mardi Gras

But rather than spend his time crying into a Ben & Jerry's pint a la Robert Pattinson, Anderson has taken a little vacation to Croatia. And he didn't go alone.

According to Gawker, Anderson's longtime bud Andy Cohen is also in Croatia, and both openly gay stars aren't afraid to let the world know they're having a blast. Both Cohen and Cooper posted pictures to Instagram, depicting the very same sunset from the same angle, both of which appear to have been taken within moments of the other. To further expell any doubts that the two weren't in the same spot: Cooper also posted a photo of Cohen in front of the sunset. Anderson Cooper: 'I'm Gay, Always Have Been, Always Will Be'

People have assumed that the Bravo host and news anchor are more than just longtime friends, so there could be more to these photos than meets the eye. And maybe in light of what happened with Anderson's boyfriend, they're thinking it's time to take their friendship to the next level!

That said, we can't readily assume that Cooper is posting these pictures to get back at his cheating boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani. It could very well be that the two men have an open relationship, as many couples do -- which would mean Cooper's just fine with Maisani kissing someone else (though it does suck that it's all over the Internet), and it's perfectly fine for him to be on a more-than-friends vacation with Cohen ... if that's what this is. 

Guess we'll all have to wait and see what happens!

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