Holding a Burlesque Party

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Throwing a party with a difference? Then check out these tips for a burlesque style get-together!

So you want to have a burlesque party do you? The chances are that you’re already interested in burlesque and already know a little bit about it. If you aren't and don't, and you’re basically using this as an exercise to get scantily-clad women around your flat then you should be ashamed.
But I can’t blame you for trying, as burlesque is massive right now and is definitely here to stay for a long time yet. It has actually been huge for a long time, but in different ways. In Victorian times, it was used as a form of satire against the more serious works of the time; a hundred years later in the 1920s and 1930s, burlesque came to be what we recognise it as today. So what do you need for that all-important ‘girls night in’ style party? Take a look at these hints and tips to make it an unrivalled success whether you’re going for broke or are broke already;

Costume -
You don’t need to break the bank when it comes to designing your costume – and be sure to tell your friends this as well. You may find that some of them have money burning holes in their pockets and will be online in no time ordering the sexiest corsets, the most realistic wigs and so on. Most of what you need can probably be found in your own wardrobes and closets at home. You could just keep it simple, find a few black things; pants, bra, lacy top and so on, top it off with a hat and a feather and you’re done. A corset or corset dress is ideal but you can always improvise for a one-off party. You might want to be a little more creative and attach any buttons or ribbons that you find lying around – we all have them. If you don’t have a suitable hat, then it is so easy to find one in your local thrift store, or you could even find how to make one online. (Hint – fascinators are in right now!)

Seeing as burlesque – as it is now – became very popular during the prohibition era, then you could just be ultra-accurate and not serve any drinks at all (unless you’re planning on making moonshine). This might not impress your guests however, so why not pick up a cheap cocktail mixing kit from your local store and maybe ask your guests to bring a bottle of spirits on your invite – that way you just need to buy the mixers and the ice. Nice and easy! Have fun with the cocktail menu as well and make up names a little more interesting than a boring old Slippery Nipple or a Sex On The Beach.

Mix it up a little! You’ll want some of the old standards associated with the scene – ‘The Stripper’ and ‘Big Spender’ for example. You can get compilations featuring songs from famous routines for next to nothing in local music shops. Take it one step further and maybe get a burlesque dance DVD so you and your mates can parade around your flat getting your feather boas tangled up. After the drinks have been flowing for a while, there’s no shame in putting on your favourite songs and just having a good time.

Decorating your space-
Lighting is the main thing here. Unscrew all of your light bulbs and replace them with red ones. To outsiders this may look a little strange and you may be answering the door to a few unsavoury types but for the party, it’ll be worth it. Add to this by lighting lots of candles – cheap tea lights can be just as effective – to make your flat look like a sexy boudoir. Any throws that you might have in dark colours (darker is always better in burlesque) can cover up those boring tables and chairs, and if you have any male friends who are willing to drape themselves over them naked, serving tray in hand, then there’s no stopping you.

Ben Gallivan is a firm believer that burlesque is here to stay. He writes for Corset Story, one of the biggest corset and accessory stores in the US!