11 Ways to Mess Up Your Dating Profile


Not getting responses from guys on dating sites? Maybe your profile is sporting one some red flags

When you look for love online, your profile is almost always the very first impression of you that a potential date has. That's why it's important to make it as alluring as possible, and to eliminate any red flags that cause men to navigate away. Have a friend look over your profile with you, and double-check that you are not committing any of these online dating profile don'ts:

1. Telling guys not to contact you if they're immature. This makes you look like you have growing up to do.

2. Complaining about your last relationship. No one wants to hear about your ex before you've even said "hello."

3. Telling guys that you are not into bald guys, or fat guys, or anything else of that type. It makes you sound shallow.

4. Including statements that make it sound like you are looking for someone to take care of you. It's 2012, and no grown woman should be looking for a sugar daddy.

5. Things that make you look like a teenager. Keep your profile free of animated gifs, obnoxious backgrounds and cartoons of any kind.

6. Complaining about how over online dating you are. People who are trying to date you online are bound to take that personally.

7. Complaining about how you are over dating in general. It comes off as a bit angry, and no one wants to date angry people.

8. Posting pictures that are overly suggestive. I guarantee that the guys you will hear from are not the guys you want to meet.

9. Posting about how all guys are the same, but you think that there is someone out there who can show you different. This makes you sound (quite accurately) like a complainer.

10. Posting messages with poor spelling or grammar. It is a turn-off.

11. Bragging about career accomplishments. This is a dating profile, not your resume.


Lara Stewart is a relationship blogger with Planet Love Match. Her work has appeared on a number of sites and in print publications; past projects involve a syndicated sex advice column and a trivia column.