Top 3 Worst First Date Mistakes Of All Times


Find out whether you have been making these three worst kinds of mistakes when you go on dates!

Ah, the proverbial first date. For centuries now, perhaps since the time of Romeo and Juliet, this has been the make or break element for every relationship. The story usually plays itself out along these basic lines, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy asks girl out, and voila, there we have our first date.

Times have changed now. It is not unusual for girl to ask boy out now, or two complete strangers who meet through an online dating service to decide to go out. One thing has remained constant though, the first date. It is understandable why so many people make a big fool of themselves on the first date. The pressure to make a good first impression can get intense, and you may suddenly forget all those things you know about good behaviour on a date.

That is why, even before you learn the most common (and by far the worst) first date mistakes, you need to learn to relax and be yourself during the first date, and you will be amazed at how everything will work out. That having been said, try and see how many of these mistakes you have made on your first dates, it might explain to you why the other party behaved the way they did.

1. Arriving late

While any person can understand that sometimes things can happen that are beyond your control and you wind up running late for your first date, it does not create a good impression when you do, especially if you did not call ahead to let the other party know that you would be running late. Arriving late for a date implies that you are not interested, or you do not really take the other party seriously, that is why you would waste their time just like that. A little courtesy call to excuse yourself if you realised you were running late would go a long way in calming the situation, and giving you the chance of getting a second date.

2. Looking shabby

If you arrive for a date, looking like something the cat dragged in, you can be sure that you will not have any other date with that particular party. First impressions are everything, it was wisely said that you cannot get the chance to make the first impression a second time. Whatever excuse you have, it reflects really badly on you if you cannot groom yourself properly just to appear presentable.

Being or smelling dirty is a definite no-no, you will be lucky if your date persists until the very end. This is not too common though. The more common mistake is not being appropriately dressed for the occasion. Try find out where you will be going and dress appropriately. If it is to be a surprise then be moderate in your dressing, not under dressed but not too dressed up either.

3. Talking too much

While it is terrible to have one of those dates with weird awkward silences, having a date where you are the only one talking is not good either. No matter how quiet the other party comes across to you as, it does not mean that they do not have anything to say, and the biggest mistake you could make is assume otherwise.

There are people who are just not as aggressive as you are in socializing, and if you do not allow them the chance to speak then they will go through the night mute, leaving you to do all the talking. Not only will this frustrate the other party who might have had some good contributions to make to the conversation, it will also cause you to misjudge them as dull and boring, while you are the one who did not allow them the chance to express themselves. Give your date a nudge to start speaking if you notice they are too quiet by asking relevant questions (but not too personal ones). This will cause you to come across as caring and not as self-centred as you would have if you decided to speak through the whole date alone!



Chad is an enthusiastic writer on dating and relationships. He has seen too many people going wrong and has gathered a wealth of information to help you go through your dates successfully. Other topics he has covered include using an online dating service.