Is Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend Cheating On Him?

Anderson cooper cheating
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The TV anchor's beau was reportedly caught kissing another man in an NYC park.

They've been dating for three years and live together in a very expensive NYC townhouse. There have been rumors that the two are itching to get married before Labor Day.

But Ben Maisani was not making out with his boyfriend Anderson Cooper in the park over the weekend. Those liplocks were with someone else.

The UK's Daily Mail has up-close-and-personal photos of Maisani, the 39-year-old owner of NYC gay bar Eastern Bloc, sitting indian-style in a park as he passionately kisses a mystery man, who is most certainly not the silver fox we know and love as his famous other half, Anderson Cooper.

There's no word yet on whether or not the 45-year-old CNN news anchor has seen the incriminating photos, but he seemed to be his professional, dapper self as he watched Beyonce perform at the UN headquarters in New York on Saturday, reports the Daily Mail

If he has seen his boyfriend's supposedly cheating ways, it will put a damper on an otherwise very eventful summer for Coop: in July, he finally broke his silence and announced his sexual orientation to the world. "The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be more happy," he said. Anderson Cooper: 'I'm Gay, Always Have Been, Always Will Be'

And, apparently Cooper wanted to end the summer with a walk down the aisle. 'Tis a sad day if that's the case!

On the other hand, perhaps the jokes on us – there's a big possibility that Maisani and Cooper could've silently gone their separate ways without us knowing, or that they have an open relationship in which they're allowed to see other people. We guess only time will tell what the real story is with this NYC power couple.

Tell us: do you think Ben was cheating on Anderson?

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