Does The No Contact Rule Really Work In Getting An Ex Back?


Does the no contact rule really work in getting an ex back? Read this article to learn the truth.

There's been a lot of discussion lately about break ups and getting an ex back. One topic that's quite popular is no contact or the no contact rule. Does the no contact rule really work in getting an ex back?

The question above is more complicated than a yes or no answer, and I will explain the truth to why that is. You see, there's a lot of information about this subject on the internet. Unfortunately, there's also a lot of bad information about this topic as well.

Believe me, there are those out there who are writing and giving advice about the no contact rule that have never even used it in terms of getting an ex back. They're the ones who are saying that all you need to do is cut off communication with your ex for a set number of weeks and your ex will miss you and want you back.

If it were only that easy! Those who have used the no contact rule know it's not that easy. In fact, those who have used it never pawn it off as the entire strategy in getting an ex back.

Does no contact work? That question is usually asked by someone who has mistakenly been informed that the no contact rule after a break up is the entire strategy on getting an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back. I'm here to set the record that it isn't.

No contact is part of the strategy, yes! However, it is not the complete strategy to get your ex back. Getting your ex back is very much like building a house. You need a strong foundation to build upon first. No contact is part of the process that lays the foundation down. Without it, everything will crumble.

It's just one stage to an over-all system. Yes, it's a very important stage. That's just one of the reasons why no contact after a break up is used. There are also many other reasons.

So does the no contact rule really work? By itself, the answer is a definite no! Within a complete strategy ,as it's supposed to be used in, the answer is yes! Well, that's if it's used correctly. Yes, there is more to the no contact rule than just cutting off communication and disappearing for a while, and you can use it incorrectly. Knowing how to use it correctly is vital. You can learn more about how the no contact rule after a break up works by clicking the link.