5 Reasons We're Thrilled Jen Aniston Is Marrying Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux engaged

It's about time America's sweetheart settled down with an adorably good guy.

She's dated tons of jerks. She's had her heart broken. She's been the butt of many "single girl" jokes. So, we think it's about time that Jennifer Aniston has settled down with Justin Theroux! /node/158892

When the couple confirmed to People over the weekend that they are officially engaged, we jumped for joy! "Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage," his rep told the magazine.

Here are 5 reasons we're so excited that the two have decided to tie the knot:

1. Jen's dating history hasn't been so good. From John Mayer to Vince Vaughn, the 43-year-old has dated many people who haven't been too nice to her or just became plain ol' bored with the Friends beauty. Now, it seems she has a man who absolutely adores her.

2. Justin makes Jen so happy! After co-starring in the movie Wanderlust, the two were inseparable. Even though Jen claimed that nothing had happened between them on-set, she later gushed on Good Morning America about how happy she was with her personal life. Later, she talked about Justin to Marie Claire Australia saying, "He's just a good human being, and so funny."

3. Justin's not about attention. Unlike Jen's past hubby Brad Pitt, 41-year-old Theroux isn't about the limelight. He's been on the big screen in movies like American Psycho, and the small screen in roles like Sex and the City and Parks and Recreation. But, the star doesn't have a big head at all. Recently, he wrote the screenplay for Rock of Ages that became a hit on both Broadway and the box office. Plus, when it comes to red carpets and events, he sits back and lets Jen shine!

4. And, he's freakin' adorable! We know that looks don't matter, but c'mon! The sexiest woman of all time deserves a guy who's got the whole package. And, from what we can see, Justin's certainly got it. If these two decide to procreate, their offspring is going to be h-o-t.

5. There's no love triangle involved. Yes, we're talking about Jen's ex-husband who left her for his Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar Angelina Jolie. To this day, the two cover the tabloids and are constantly making headlines that rope in Jen. But, the actress has decided to take the high road, taking herself out of the drama equation of "Brangelina" and settling down to a much humbler life with a better partner. Jennifer Aniston: "I'll Be Married By The End Of The Year"

And there you have it! What started back in May 2011 as another romance is now, a little over a year later, resulted in an engagement for America's sweetheart. Are you as excited as we are for these two to get hitched?

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