Why Was This Man Naked ... And Covered In Crisco?

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This Illinois man was only "looking to party" in his birthday suit, er, covered in Crisco.

It's amazing that cops were able to slip handcuffs on Chad William Forber, considering he was covered head to toe in Crisco when he was arrested.

Forber, 41, was arrested early Monday morning by police in downtown Rock Island, Illinois, who were responding to a call regarding a naked man.

Officers say the suspect was naked and carrying his shorts as well as a can of Crisco, according to The Quad-City Times.

“He had lathered himself up in Crisco. He was covered in grease, and was holding the can under his arm," Rock Island Deputy Chief of Police Jeff VenHuizen told the paper. “He said he was looking for a place to party."

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