Love Bytes: When Your Partner's Politics Keep You Apart

is she responsible for him
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Plus, when do you introduce your son to your new boyfriend?

Not many of you know who German Olympic rower Nadja Drygalla is. But many people knew her boyfriend, Michael Fischer, as a former member of an extremist German political group (four scary words when strung together). She left the Olympics because of the political heat. Should we bear the burden of our significant other's politics? (NYTimes)

Why won't his girlfriend let him tape them having sex just once? I mean, does she not want to be famous? (Good Men Project)

Who among us hasn't left three very young children at home to go have sex? Seriously? (Huffington Post)

Should you include whether or not you want children on your online dating profile? (Betty Confidential)

A Playboy Bunny gives us some texting etiquette. (HowAboutWe)

Once a cheater, always a cheater? (College Candy)

When should you introduce your son to your new man? (Madame Noire)

Evidently, some people think that a person's "number" still denotes the quality of their character. (The Gloss)

Wow. A woman does the maths and actually spends more money while she's having dates buy her dinner than when she's single. Um, plus she's juggling three dudes. (LearnVest)

There are SEVEN rules for getting divorced. Learn them. (ModernMan)

Is the inability to maintain a relationship good cause for shopaholism? (NYMag)

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