How a "Survive an Affair" Book Helped Me Save My Marriage


My personal experience with Dr. Frank Gunzburg's "How to Survive an Affair"

Looking back, I know I made virtually all the possible mistakes a betrayed wife can do after finding out about her husband’s emotional and physical 6 month affair. The first mistake was NOT looking for How to Survive an Affair book immediately.

I found out about it when he accidentally left his mail open. I think that subconsciously he wanted me to find out or he would have been much more careful with his private mail. It’s still painful to be reminded of the emotions they shared, the physical intimacy and imagining them cuddled up together at her apartment.

I made all the possible mistakes a shocked, angry, heart broken and betrayed wife can do. I immediately threw him out, without even thinking about what I’m going to say to our children. I called my best friend and told her everything (If you don’t understand why this is a huge mistake – Read this article now), and after him begging for 2 weeks – I let him back in the house and became obsessed with finding out the REASON for his affair. Digging and digging and getting nowhere.

All the while I tried to handle all of this by myself. Fighting off the haunting images of them together, spending most of my time spying on his every move, punishing him by silent treatments or angry fits.

I knew I still loved him deeply (though I wasn’t sure he still loves me) and that I want to give this marriage one more chance, at least for the sake of my children.

He tried to do his best to “make it up to me”. He immediately broke it off with her, promised to be completely transparent, tried to explain what led him to do this, but nothing helped. I could see our marriage slowly fading into oblivion.
Only after 2 months of hell, I accidentally came across the Marriage Sherpa website. Something inside told me that I need emergency help, professional help, someone to tell me step by step what I have to do to survive an affair in my marriage. I took a chance and bought the book. I was on a tight budget but I knew that if it turns out to be rubbish, there’s a money back guarantee, so I went ahead and bought it...Keep Reading here: