Would You Be Happy Attending Natalie Portman's All-Vegan Wedding?

Natalie Portman vegan wedding
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The actress and her new hubby had a very unique ceremony that catered to their personal interests.

Natalie Portman and her dashing husband Benjamin Millepied had a beautiful wedding, and one that strictly honored their faith and culture. Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied Get Married!

For Saturday's ceremony, Portman, 31, wasn't frivolous – she didn't have flowers flown in, but instead chose to decorate with wildflowers that naturally grow in the area of Big Sur, California where the wedding was held. According to People, Portman and Millepied also denounced traditional "fish and steak" options at their Jewish ceremony and instead only offered fare that kept with Portman's strict vegan diet. (We hope it was yummy vegan food!)

The magazine reports that the breathtaking bride wore a traditional white gown designed by Rodarte and used a crown of wildflowers in her hair (check out a photo of her on her wedding day here). The groom, 35, looked dashing in a midnight blue tux.

The couple was married on a scenic cliff adorned with a traditional Jewish chuppah made of twigs. During the ceremony, the two were wrapped in a tallits (a Jewish prayer shawl) for the dark nuptials that were only lit by starlight. After they were married, Millepied stepped on a glass and cheers of "Mazel Tov!" rang out from 100 close family members and friends, including the couple's 14-month-old son, Aleph.

To make the wedding even more beautiful, the couple performed the traditional 20-minute hora dance before being lifted up in chairs by their close friends and families. They had French macaroons instead of a wedding cake, and when all their guests left around 2 a.m., each was gifted with packets of wildflower seeds.

We hope their honeymoon is as beautiful (and unique!) as their wedding.

Tell us: would you have liked to be a guest at Natalie Portman's wedding?

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