How To Add Fun To Your Romance


When was the last time you had fun with your significant other?

When was the last time you had fun with your significant other? I mean the playful kind of romping that included plenty of fun, laughter and gentle teasing?

Life doesn't need to be serious all the time, and neither does romance. If it is, you may have a dull relationship.

You may not even consider yourself the playful kind of person, but perhaps you should. Learn how to share fun times with your significant other and you can inject new life into your relationship.

Make light of yourself and whatever difficult situation you may be in. Don't curse the traffic, joke about it. Play water tag when you and your partner are washing the car. Buy a few harmless practical jokes, like squirting fountain pen or the bar of soap made of wax that you substitute for the real thing! But play the practical jokes on yourself instead of your partner.

There's nothing wrong with having a little childish fun in your relationship. You will likely find the look on each other's faces to be the best part as you play with each other!

Get a few romantic boardgames to play together, or maybe you can make one yourself. Remove the spinner from an old board game. Cover the original writing on the wheel, separating it into 12 equal sections. Fill each one in with some romantic activity the two of you can do together and take turns spinning the wheel periodically throughout the week.

Most communities hold carnivals and festivals at various times through the year. Why not go to these with your partner? Deviate from your diet every once in a while and enjoy some of the food there. Play some of the carnival games. Maybe you will win a prize that you can give to your sweetheart. Also, go on some of the rides, and don't forget to buy a souvenir to give to your partner.

Spend a day at the mall, but do it in a different way. Give each other $15-$20 to spend. The twist is that you are only allowed to buy for each other while you're shopping. After a certain amount of time, you meet up with each other and see what you got.

For an added twist, you can set a theme for your shopping. For example, if Christmas is approaching, you could buy Christmas items for each other. Or perhaps you might buy gag gifts, which is always good for a laugh. Make it creative and have fun during your going out days!

Holidays are a great occasion to have a little extra fun together. Take Halloween, for example. When was the last time the two of you went to a costume party?

Go to a costume shop and choose a costume for each other. Or you could choose a him and her theme such as Tarzan and Jane or Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein! Switch roles to make it even funnier. Keeping your sense of humor is the best way to keep that spark in your relationship, so go out there and have fun!

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