Love Bytes: How Fighting Can Save Your Relationship

couple fighting
Love, Heartbreak

The couple that brawls (and bawls) together balls together. Plus, why women gossip.

Do you have couple friends who are constantly fighting? You're all like, "Just break up already," but they just keep going strong, don't they? It turns out a little heat can help keep things spicy and the flow of communication piping hot. Yep, the couple that brawls (and bawls) together balls together. (The Stir)

Step 1 to getting over a guy is to pretend he's not perfect. Don't put the penis on a pedestal. (Madame Noire)

One woman asks: "Do I look like a cheap date?" (CollegeCandy)

Solid smooching could lead to satisfactory sex. (The Gloss)

Why women gossip. Wait. Women gossip? (Glo)

Horrible irony alert: Birth control can lower your libido. (Parenting)

Weddings are too expensive. And stupid. At least one writer thinks so. (LearnVest)

What if your new guy hates your dog? (Betty Confidential)

20 pickup lines to probably not try on the subway. (HowAboutWe)

And, Octomom wants men to pay her to date them, it appears. Well, good luck with that. (Huffington Post)

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