Six Insights I Wish I Had Before Men Came into My Life


Trying to figure out what makes men tick and how to understand men can literally give me a huge migraine. They claim to simple creatures, but unlike us women, they don’t tend to share what’s in their head (even with their male friends).

Why didn’t he call me? What does he really want in a relationship? Why does he say “nothing” when I ask him what’s on his mind? Why does he avoid fighting with me? Why isn’t he sensitive to my needs? Why does he stare at other women? Why does he take so much reading material to the bathroom? The questions are endless.

here isn’t a simple technique to understand every thing a man does or says, but there are a few critical insights that will make understanding men a possible mission. The secret is to not only KNOW these things but also to ACCEPT them. Here are these important insights and how to wisely deal with them;

Why He Takes You Out to a Fancy Dinner, and Then Stares at the Waitress

Men can’t help stare at other women. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can laugh about it. Beautiful women for men are like gorgeous shoes for women. If you walk by a window full of stunning shoes, can you control yourself and look away?
I don’t think so. But it doesn’t mean you want to have sex with these shoes, or marry them. Men are visual creatures, they like to look. It doesn’t mean that he has lost interest in you, or that he is insensitive. It’s just his inner ape taking over. That’s the way it is. Don’t fight it, accept it. You can really surprise him by saying something like “Isn’t she gorgeous?” I guarantee that his eyes will shine with delight. He will discover a confident woman that knows what she’s worth. Trust me on this and give it a try.

Why He is Insensitive to Your Needs, and Ignores Your Elephant Size Hints

Hints don’t register with men. If you want to know how to understand men, you have to realize that men do not get subtle suggestions, or even aggressive hints. If you don’t specifically ask for something, you won’t get it. Women have intuitive skills that men simply don’t possess, and they are not interested in “reading minds”, as they call it. If you want him to be more affectionate, for example, hug you and kiss you more, don’t say something like “My dad hugs my mum all the time, he adores her”. Israel and Palestine will hug before you two. Tell him how you feel. If you want a diamond earring for your birthday, don’t say “How about something shiny that’s a girl’s best friend”? For him you’ve just described a new pressure cooker.

Why He Grabs His Chest and Fakes a Heart Attack if You Mention Marriage or Kids

Men are not afraid of commitment. No matter what the last Kate Hudson film has taught you, they do want a committed relationship. Being single has its appeal, but just like you – They don’t like to be lonely...
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