Avoiding Rejection Online

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Even online, rejection hurts. Here is our best online dating advice for avoiding rejection.

Nobody likes to be rejected. It can do a number on your confidence and self-esteem. While everyone involved in online dating will face rejection at one point or another, there are a few things you can do that will reduce your chances of winding up in the discard pile. Check out the tips below to lower your chances of being rejected online:

  • Read online dating profiles thoroughly. When you see a single that you like, don't just scan the headline. Read the entire profile and bio. Many people will mention specific things they are looking for, and things they definitely are not into. For instance, if you are a cat-lover, stay away from the person who says that he's allergic.
  • Have some flattering photos taken. Your photos should look like the best version of you. Make sure that you are smiling; this makes your pictures more inviting. Have the photos taken outdoors in good light so that they are not too dark.
  • Have a friend look over the text on your page. Is everything spelled correctly, and is your grammar in great shape? A poorly-written profile can put people off.
  • Send personalized messages. Don't just send one generic message to everyone whose profile you like. Tailor your note to something that they mention on their page. This shows that you are interested, and that you've paid attention to what they have to say.
  • If you don't hear back, or get a "no," don't take it personally. The person you've messaged may decide the two of you just don't click. Or, they could be in the process of testing the waters with someone else. It can take a lot of tries to find love online; be patient, keep sending out friendly messages, and have fun with the process.


Lara Stewart is a relationship blogger with Planet Love Match. Her work has appeared on a number of sites and in print publications; past projects involve a syndicated sex advice column and a trivia column.