That Bastard I Thought He Loved Me


Didn't see that one coming did you? He pulled a 180 on you and has decided to end the relationship.

Down goes another tissue box as the tears keep flowing, sobbing away about the heartache you just had because douche back broke up with you after you thought he was the one. How did this happen is it something I did? Have you racked your brain over and over to figure out if this break up occurred because of something that you may have done? Well it may not have been anything you done that triggered his emotion to end the relationship,but you are not wanting to let them go. How can you get your ex back even if they have made it clear that its over and you guys are done open and shut, well there is still something you can do to get them to talk with you and be able to hear you for what you got to say. All you need is their attention for just a few minutes and you could have them re thinking the huge mistake they have made by ending it with you, there are a few simple but yet very powerful words you should be saying to him for the result you are wanting. getting your ex back doesn't mean you have to beg or look desperate, in fact this method has worked for even celebrities in their breakups. That douche bag moment he was having when he ended it with you can be totally reversed and he you can have him being as sweet to you like the first time you went out. This only works when you play your cards right and use the Method that works, when the method is used out of order it could back fire and you could be going right back to the box of tissues again, when not used the correct way with your ex major things could go wrong. Stop your crying clear your eyes, you will need to see clearly to be able to use this method for your ex, no longer wonder why this happen get to the bottom of why he broke up with you find out all the questions you have without ever having to ask one of them. Your ex will be open to talking and explaining why their behavior was like this only used with the method, you will see your ex grow closer to you making it look like they want you back instead of you really wanting them back. For those of you who are tired of crying your eyes out and need to put your heart back together with the one you truly belong with, you need to sign up below for the next step in the Method. Toss the Tissue Box and sign up below