Was Sofia Vergara's Marriage Proposal Caught On Tape?

Sofia Vergara proposal

The actress's son may have caught her magic moment in his YouTube mockumentary.

As celebrity gossip fiends, we already know that Sofia Vergara was allegedly proposed to by her boyfriend Nick Loeb on her 40th birthday. Although, shortly after the festivities, press insisted that what we took as a proposal was actually just a birthday celebration. 

But now, you may be able to see the whole thing in action and sleep better at night knowing that there's a strong possibility they are most definitely on their way to marriage. If you turn the lights off, stand under a heat lamp, and blow a fan on yourself, you may even feel like your actually there in Chichen Itza where it all happened! We have Sofia's 19-year-old son Manolo Gonzalez to thank for that – that is, if his mockumentary is even the real engagementAccording To Sofia Vergara, 39 Is "Too Old" To Get Married

According to People, Manolo was there at Sofia's birthday to tape the entire experience for his YouTube series and mockumentary known as, "Mi Vida Con Toty," which means, "My Life with Toty" (Sofia's nickname). In the video, the Modern Family star is accompanied by her boyfriend Nick and 107 family members and friends to see the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza. Manolo narrates the entire video.

He says at one point: "Then, one of my mom's dreams came true. As a little girl, she always wanted to go to the top of the pyramids. Unfortunately, people are not allowed to do that anymore. But since it was her birthday, her team worked for months on end to get her special permission to go up!"

And we all know what happened next.

"Once they were to the top of the pyramid, my mother's longtime boyfriend, Nick, proposed to her," Manolo explains.

In the video, Gonzalez asks Vergara to show him the ring in which she smiles and shows him the diamond, but does not ever actually say the words, "I am engaged" or "he proposed." After the couple walk hand-in-hand down the stairs, they head to a lunchtime party, where Sofia is seen wearing her sparkler and waving it at the camera.

Of course, Vergara's rep has been trying to take the fun out of it all, explaining that the ring was just an over-the-top birthday present. We're not buying it. If it sounds like a duck and it looks like a duck, it's probably a duck (quack, quack).

So, thank you, Manolo, for clearing this up! We owe you one.

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