Post-Split: Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson Lean On Celeb Friends

Rob Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon
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KStew and RPatz turn to their famous pals Jodie Foster and Reese Witherspoon for support.

We all know breakups are the worst. The best way to soften the blow of lonlieness and looming depression? Spend time with friends – awesome friends who lavish you with attention and fancy things!

That is precisely what Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have taken advantage of during their times of sadness. 'Heartbroken' Robert Pattinson Moves Out After Kristen's Affair

Rob has turned to his Water for Elephants costar, Reese Witherspoon. According to Us Weekly, when Rob hurried out of the pad he shared with Kristen via a U-Haul, he needed a place to stay, and beloved Reese offered him shelter at her $7 million ranch in Ojai, California. Not too shabby. (He's also made Kristen move out of the house they shared together.)

But nice digs won't cure a shattered heart. According to a source, Rob is still "a total mess" and "he's questioning everything." 

Meanwhile, Kristen hasn't been doing too well either. Apparently she's "inconsolable" and has been texting and calling Rob to no avail. "She's dying to save the relationship. It's the only thing she cares about," a source tells the magazine.

She may no longer have Rob to turn to, but an old friend of Kristen's has proved to be there for her during her time of need. The wise Jodie Foster, Stewart's costar in The Panic Room back when Kristen was only 12, has reached out to console the young actress. A source for Radar says "as soon as (Jodie) heard the news, she contacted Kristen to offer her support ... Jodie is a mother-like figure to her."

Jodie also told Kristen to ignore the excessive media bashing and that if she feels like crying, she's around. Jodie realizes the reality of this situation – Kristen is young and she made a mistake. She shouldn't be hated by the entire universe for it. People have done far worse in their lives. 10 Reasons NOT To Hate Kristen Stewart For Cheating On Rob

"Jodie loved Rob and is disappointed with Kristen for cheating on him. However, she knows at 22, she's still very young and unfortunately people make mistakes in life. She thinks Kristen will learn from this and will only grow into a more mature person because of it," says Radar's insider.

“She certainly has no intention of turning her back on Kristen during such a difficult period in her life."

Tell us: Do you hate Kristen, or do you agree that she deserves a bit of a break?

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