3 "Hunger Games"-Inspired Signs You Are a Hero

katniss everdeen the hero from hunger games

Find out if you're a hero like Hunger Games star Katniss Everdeen!

Being a hero means doing what’s right even when it puts you in harm's way. Take Katniss Everdeen, everyone's favorite fictional heroine; yes, she's a character rather than a real person, but often in the Hunger Games series, we see Katniss putting herself in danger to save others.

So, are you a hero like Katniss? Here are three signs to help you figure it out:

1. Sacrifice. In the beginning, Katniss volunteers herself as a Hunger Games tribute; she does this to spare her sister, Prim, from having to compete. Though it may be unlikely you'll ever have to sacrifice yourself in such a way, smaller actions fit into this category, too—like making yourself late for work because you stopped to help your neighbor change his flat tire.

2. Defiance. Going against a pre-established standard or rule to show where you stand? That definitely qualifies as a courageous hero. Pop quiz: Katniss displays a sign of defiance in the arena saluting directly at the camera and by covering which tribute in flowers? Enter your answer in the YourTango box on the Hunger Games Sweepstakes page for an additional entry! Wondering what this is all about? Learn more about the Hunger Games Sweepstakes here

3. Nurturing. On the small, non-Hunger-Games scale, this means taking time out of your own schedule to help friends and family feel cared for, healhy and happy. Of course, in the Hunger Games this meant Katniss nursing Peeta back to health when he was wounded in the arena. It involved applying healing cream and watching as pus oozed out, signaling that the healing process had begun—if handling pus isn't heroic I don't know what is!

What heroic things have you done lately?

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