Torn Apart—Avoiding the Mistress Trap: Part II


The second installment of a story about one man, one woman, and an affair that didn't happen.

by Julie Robinson


The truth had to be spoken. Your reply is heard loudly and totally.


Some would think that after telling Clint goodbye (while simultaneously mapping out how an affair with me would ruin his life) that my married ex-lover would run away screaming. Others would see his response above—the one about understanding my outright rejection—and say that the whole sordid fiasco was nipped in the bud and not a concern for either party any longer. Anyone could see that we had exchanged a few words, realized what a mistake seeing each other would be, and moved on.

Yeah, right.

Two sentences after saying that he had heard me and understood my points, Clint began outlining in detail all the different ways he would get me naked. It would be fast AND furious AND wild AND crazy with desire. He explained how he’s had three years to fantasize about getting back with me and that he needed one last romp—three hours, two rounds—to get me out of his system for good: Read more . . . .