How Each "Gaggle" Guy Can Lead You To The Love Of Your Life

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The 10 types of guys already in your life that can help you find "the one."

So you want to find love. But not just any love, right? Love with the right guy for you, in the right amazing relationship for you.

How are you supposed to do that these days? At a time when traditional dating seems to have gone the way of TomKat, Four Loko and Lindsay Lohan's serious acting career?

As a modern woman, you are now facing an entirely new path to love – one that you can embark upon at any moment, once you realize that it is there. This path has nothing to do with memorizing rules and tricks or obsessing over what's going on in guys' brains. Instead, you can find love by cultivating and exploring your gaggle. TONIGHT: Join Us At Henri Bendel For 'The Gaggle' Book Party!

Your gaggle is the group of guys in your life who you might not be "dating," but who play different roles, fulfill different needs, and help you figure out who you are, what you want, and what type of partner and relationship you ultimately desire. As you start seeing the guys you already know and the new guys you're meeting every day as potential gaggle members, your love life will instantly become more fun, vibrant and pressure-free. And, you'll be getting closer to finding love via the journey of hands-on self-discovery that having a gaggle offers. 

There are ten types of guys who might be in your gaggle at any given moment, and each one has something different to teach you and add to your quest for love. So who are the guys in your gaggle, and how are each of them, in their own ways, leading you to love?

The Ex-Boyfriend Who's Still Around: Who knows you better than your Ex – that guy who has seen you laugh, cry, be boring, act crazy, and fight with your mother? Allowing an Ex to platonically remain in your life can be a helpful reminder of who you used to be, and who you probably still are at your very core. He might even be able to give you great advice, since he knows you, strengths and weaknesses, so well. As long as you're not still pining for him, your Ex can be that straight talking rock you lean on when the other guys in your gaggle just don't seem to get you.

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