Host Alex Miranda Dishes On The New Reality Dating Show, '3'

Alex Miranda and girls in 3

We get the scoop straight from the source on why the new show is like nothing else on TV!

The latest reality dating show, 3, premieres tonight on CBS at 10/9c, but it's not your average, "find a man, get the ring" staged series. We chatted with host Alex Miranda (who happens to be a dear, close friend!) to get the full scoop on what sets this particular show apart from The Bachelorette and Miss Advised, and why he believes the search for love isn't that hard ... as long as you have the right approach. 

Check out our interview with Alex now:

What can we expect to see on 3?

It's the only reality show that I've ever watched that is positive, honest, uplifting, heartwarming, real and everything that reality TV has been lacking for a decade. You have three women getting together to find true love. Although that sounds like, "been there, done that," 3 is groundbreaking in so many ways. The women are there for each other throughout the entire process. They're all living in a house together in Chicago—Rachel and April are from Chicago and Libby is from California—and they meet for the first time on-camera. I'm telling you the show is real, real, real! They live in the house while they "audition" 100 guys for dates, and choose 6 they want to date. They fly across the country to meet these guys in their element, and the guys also come to them. Are Reality TV Romances Ruining Our Shot at Real Love?

What makes this truly unique from other dating reality shows?

What's interesting is that if the girl says yes to a guy, the guy can say no, and two or three of the girls can date the same guy. That can prove to be pretty awkward, but there's no cattiness of competition involved. The three are there for each other, so if one of them feels the other might have more of a connection with a guy, I think that plays into whether or not they'll continue dating him. But then again, you have to watch to see what happens.

Describe each of the women for us:

Rachel is a 34-year-old widow and a mom to two young, beautiful children. She lost her husband two and a half years ago, but she's ready to start a new chapter in her life. She's not looking for someone to replace him, but she feels like she deserves to find love again. What's so great about her is that she's happy in her own life at this point in time, she's a pharmaceutical sales rep and she balances her career with raising her children alone. She just wants someone to contribute to that … she just wants to feel a connection again. I applaud her for doing that.

April is an entrepreneur, she owns three businesses, she's a college professor and she's one of the most impressive people I've ever met. I don't know if her busy schedule contributes to the fact that she hasn't found that special someone yet, but whatever it is, she's ready to find "the one." She's been able to achieve and find fulfillment in everything she's wanted to at 29, but she knows what's really important in life – and I agree with her in that it's sharing your life with someone else.

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