Dating Olympics 2012: Which Country's Singles Win The Gold?

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American singles go on the most dates, according to's recent survey.

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London officially kick off today, but the United States has already taken home gold. Dating gold, that is.

Our friends at recently conducted an international survey inspired by the Olympic Games. Luckily, they left the athletic ability to the competitors and focused instead on the dating norms and preferences of each nation. Six countries (the U.S., U.K., Australia, Japan, France and Canada) competed in the games – read below for some highlights.

U.S. Wins Gold. The red, white and blue took the top spot in the "most dates" category; 77 percent of singles surveyed by Match had gone on two or more dates in the past year. Our neighbors to the north, Canada, were a close second, and the U.K. received the bronze. Sad news for the Japanese and Australian dating competitors — they tied for last place, with only 47 percent of those surveyed having gone on two or more dates this year. Quality over quantity? Sure, but we still got the gold.

Ladies dominate. One of the many reasons the United States took gold in the above category is our gutsy women. Sixty-two percent of single American ladies have asked a man out on a date. Sadly, this high number only earned us a silver medal, as 63 percent of Canadian women have done the same. Must have been a photo finish!

First glace. The Japanese took the gold in the illustrious "love at first sight" competition, meaning 82 percent believe the phenomenon exists. The U.S. didn't place — only 58 percent of American singles think love at first sight is legit — but we'll blame this on realism rather than lack of effort.

The main event. In what is, perhaps, the most devastating blow to-date for American egos, we didn't earn a medal in the "hottest singles in the world" category. Instead, Southern European countries took the title. Let's just chalk this up to the sexy accents and call it a day, shall we?

What do you think of the results? Read more at Dating Olympics.

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