Ryan Gosling: Why Do We All Think He's The Perfect Man?

Ryan Gosling Irresistible You

There's more than one reason why the world can't get enough of this irresistible actor.

Then, Ryan chose the role of a lifetime in a movie (gosh, do I even need to say it?) called The Notebook that catapulted him from a relative unknown to a swoon-worthy, A-list heartthrob. Now every girl with a pulse was fawning over him. It was the deadly combination of his character's adorable persistence to go on a date with Rachel McAdams' character, his romantic, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird" one-liners and rain-soaked declaration of "It's not over… it's still not over!" that changed the ideal of what the perfect man should be.

Men have (hopefully) been taking notes ever since.

In every film Ryan's been in after that classic—Half NelsonBlue Valentine, Drive, The Ides of March, Crazy, Stupid, Love—his suave demeanor is undeniable. He's just as believable shooting guns and racing ridiculously fast cars (which made men fall in love with him) as he is shamelessly picking up chicks in a bar (which made us fall in love with him). He's just that versatile.

However, his abilities on the big screen aren't what make Ryan Gosling, the man, completely irresistible. It's his personality beyond the movie cameras—which I absolutely love watching in clips like this and this—that explain why he has one of the most popular Tumblr's ever dedicated to his swagger. It's also why grown women make pancakes in the shape of his face and an unknown twentysomething rose to fame over night just because he looks kind of like him. 

Ryan has no problem making fun of himself or letting his nerd flag fly with that high-pitched laugh, because he can turn around the next minute and confidently break up a street fight or save a woman from getting hit by a speeding cab like the real man he is. He's not afraid to look stupid. He's not afraid to confess his love for Disneyland or wear footie pajamas. He's not afraid to stand up in the face of danger or cheesily kiss his girlfriend Eva Mendes in front of the Eiffel tower. Exclusive! Ryan Gosling: "I Think I'm A Pretty Weird-Looking Guy"

This, my friends, is what makes Ryan Gosling the perfect man. He is equal parts tender and strong – a little bit feminine, but it doesn't detract from his undeniable masculinity. He's the type of man that will let you cry on his shoulder one night and then push you against the wall and ravage you Christian Grey-style the next. He's as confident as hell in every quirk, quality and feeling he has, and it's utterly irresistible.

This rare and killer combination is something Ryan was born with (as evidenced in this dance performance when he was just 10-years-old – check out those hip thrusts...), but that doesn't mean we all can't take a page from his very sexy "Notebook."

Tell us: why do you think Ryan Gosling is so irresistible to both men and women?

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