Love Bytes: 10 Things Men Do That Drive Women Crazy

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Plus, the girliest things men do when you're not watching.

You thought the first dates was amazeballs, right? It seemed like he was in it to win it. However, what followed next was not a romantic feet-sweeping-off, but instead a dreaded Irish Goodbye. One man sets the record straight on why dudes do this. (The Frisky)

While we're seeing what guys have to say, what does a naked fella teach us about cheating? (Gurl)

And more about guys. What does his dong say about your personality? Note: I'm not sure if a talking wang would be more annoying or amazing. (The Gloss)

It only took 18 cops to save a sex doll from drowning. They're all heroes, sex doll included. (Huffington Post)

Men do some girly things, here are the girliest. (CollegeCandy)

One woman suggests that cuddling is not one of the girly things men love. In our experience ... this isn't exactly true. (Good Men Project)

Did you read about that guy who tricked his sleeping wife into thinking a truck was fixin' to kill them? Yeah ... is it funny to prank your spouse with imminent death? (The Stir)

Ten (of the) things that men do to drive women crazy. (Madame Noire)

AWKWARD. How do you tell your best friend you're dating her brother? (TresSugar)

16 everyday romantic gestures you should try. (Parenting.com)

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