7 Wedding Season Health Hazards To Avoid

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How to win the wedding guest of the year award—without sacrificing your own health and happiness.

Health Hazard #6: Ditching Your Diet 
Wedding cake and buffets aren't some miraculous, calorie-free wonders of the world. But they might seem that way after one too many G&T's. If you are watching what you eat, choosing the right size plate can help you make better choices.

"If there are entree-sized plates and salad-sized plate, take the smaller [one]. Fill your plate with mostly vegetables and salads that are free of rich dressings. Take a smaller portion of starch, grains, and lean protein. And take a taste of the fun stuff so you don't feel deprived," Cheryl Forberg, R.D., the resident nutritionist for The Bigger Loser TV show, says.

And like most things in life, thinking ahead will get you ahead. When traveling, pack healthy snacks, avoid the people movers and hoof it through the airport. Then, carry that boy scout mentality through to the wedding day.

"Start the day off with a workout if you can, so you won't have to feel guilty if you cheat a little. And be sure to have at least a light snack before you go," Forberg says. That way if the speeches go long, you won't feel like launching yourself at the waiters passing hors d'oeuvres (Save your energy for the dance floor; dancing is a great calorie-burner, after all).

Health Hazard #7: Feeling Financial Stress
Gifts and dresses and plane flights, oh my! Even if you're not a bridesmaid, wedding expenses can add up to some major money woes unless you prioritize. So choose something meaningful, rather than pricey.

"It is the thought as to who the couple is and what will mean most to them that counts," Scott Palmer, co-author with wife Bethany of First Comes Love, Then Comes Money says. After thinking about the betrothed couple, Palmer says to think about is most important to you (and your husband, if you're married). The better hotel? New clothes for the reception? Finally, plan ahead. "The great thing about weddings is that you always know a few months beforehand when they will happen. Start looking at tickets, gifts and that perfect dress or suit early," Palmer says. 8 Dos And Don'ts Of Wedding Guest Attire

Here's to enjoying a happy—and healthy—wedding season!