Jane Lynch Talks Marriage, Pesky Student Loans & 'Glee'


The actress tells us about year two of her marriage and the new "Don't Major in Debt" campaign.

Jane Lynch is hilarious. Debt, on the other hand, is not.

So, you might be scratching your head as to why the 52-year-old, tracksuit-wearing Glee actress is participating in the new, "Don't Major In Debt" campaign, which is helping students find ways to pay for college without damaging their financial future. In reality though, the fierce lady who plays Sue Sylvester is more than familiar with how college debt is no laughing matter, and she wants to make sure current students stay informed about the plethora of loans available out there ... even if those students don't happen to be on her cheerleading squad.

We caught up with Jane last week to hear more about her involvement in the campaign ("I'm a giver!" she quips) and how she's doing in year two of her marriage with wife Lara Embry. The couple married in May 2010 and recently bought a new home with their daughter (Lynch's stepdaughter), Haden.

"It's been a whirlwind – during this time you're getting to know a person very, very intimately and deeply because you're living with them," Jane tells us. "It's been really great. There's nothing like a relationship to put the mirror up and show you're not the faultless person you thought you were!"

Jane dishes more on their deep connection and shares some exciting news about the new season of Glee in the exclusive CelebLove TV video above. Check it out!

For more info on "Don't Major in Debt," head to collegefinancecenter.org.

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