Torn Apart--Avoiding the Mistress Trap: Part I

Heartbreak, Sex

We used to be lovers. Now he's married--and he's back. Here is how I handled the situation.

by Julie Robinson

Married men don’t typically try and lure me into their bedrooms. If on a rare occasion a married guy does try to seduce me—I do a pretty good job of deflecting the situation until it fizzles out. Of course, I have been tricked into having sex with a married guy (sick bastard, I know), but if I’m going into the situation with my eyes wide open I have a firm policy—the answer is NO.

And just like every rule that has ever been written, recently I broke my NO policy, agreed to meet a former lover who is now married, and gained some pretty important wisdom in the whole process. For those of you who hate the direction this is heading right now, just keep on reading—will you?—nothing happened OR is going to happen OR could happen. The pull drawing me toward this man—and him to me—is now over.

Here’s how it all went down:

Lesson #1: Sending out an innocent “Hello” between previous lovers is not innocent. Out of the blue I received an email from Clint telling me that he now has a son and that he is happy to hear that I am writing. It was short, sweet, and included a picture of him with his little boy. I was knocked flat on my ass. This is the man who was the closest I ever came to really falling in love, our sex was charged like TNT, and here he was reaching out to me for no good reason. He had a reason alright—it was just that no good was going to come of it.

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