Why Women Like Dominant Men

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Dr. Marianne Brandon explains what the best-selling trilogy, 50 Shades of Grey, teaches us about sex

By Dr. Marianne Brandon | genConnect

50 Shades of Grey is attracting attention everywhere you turn. This sultry trilogy combines many politically incorrect elements into one super-sexy erotic drama. Why are these erotic fiction books creating such a stir?

Perhaps it is because E. L. James writes about issues that women are evolutionarily programmed to desire - that is, in spite of our conscious logic and our modern day ideals, women still instinctively respond to certain aspects of masculinity as they would have thousands of years ago. We can take the woman out of the forest, but we can't totally take the forest out of the woman.

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There are basic differences between men and women that have led us to enact very different roles in our evolutionary history. Because women give birth, they have historically depended on men for some very important functions. In the past, a woman needed a man to care for her while pregnant, and to feed and protect her and her baby for at least several years after giving birth. As a result, the women who partnered with the strongest, most dominant men gave their babies the best chances of survival. In the most basic way, it is clear why women have historically been attracted to dominant men.

So even as women today verbalize the desire for a sensitive man who is a fabulous father and good communicator, her innate attraction to an alpha male is not banished from her make-up. And from the perspective of this sex therapist, nowhere is this more obvious than in the bedroom.

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Repeatedly, women say that they want a stronger man in bed - a man who will take control, lovingly open their hearts and bodies, and take them to their sexual edge. Women want this, and women are afraid of it at the same time. Being with a dominant man in bed requires her submission - a bad word in our culture. 

So this is, in essence, why women are enamored with 50 Shades. Women have an innate tendency to respond sexually to an alpha male.

But it is much safer to read about another woman surrendering to an alpha than to do so oneself. This level of vulnerability frightens women. But ladies, this does not mean that your deepest sexual longings are destined to be gratified only through fiction novels. You can, if you like, learn how to make love in ways that engage these age-old dynamics of dominance and surrender.

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About the Author: Dr. Marianne Brandon is a clinical psychologist and Diplomat in sex therapy through AASECT. You can learn more about her work atwww.wellminds.com. Follow Dr. Marianne Brandon on Twitter @DrBrandon and Facebook.