Sex & Your City: How Does Your Town Stack Up?


Atlanta is adventurous. Dallas fakes it. Do you live in a sexy city?

Big congratulations to Atlanta and Miami for being named the most "sexually charged" cities in the U.S! If you live in the ATL or the MIA (do they even call it that? I'm such a dork) and you had no idea, now you know — and you've got to start living up to the expectations the rest of the country has for you, obvi

In a recent survey, Trojan Condoms discovered that 71 percent of ATL'ers consider themselves "sexually adventurous." Hotlanta doesn't take sex lightly! Miami apparently has the highest rate of sexual satisfaction in the U.S., at 73 percent, and the most sex of all the cities, with an average of 177 times a year. If we do the math, that comes out to just over three times a week. Not bad.

As far as endurance, Dallas seems to have the longest sex sessions, with an average of 39 minutes. Despite that, it's also the city of fake orgasms, with 47 percent of residents saying they've faked it at least once. Hopping over to the Bay Area, residents reported the least amount of sex-sessions-per-year, at 120 times, and their sexual satisfaction lingered at 65 percent. But at least only 31 percent were faking orgasms in that neck of the woods. 

I'd really like to know what the statistics look like for New Yorkers. Besides the fact that we're the sexiest and best-dressed people in the nation, we must take the cake somewhere else too.

What's sex like in your city?

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