Men Fake Orgasms & More Surprising New Sex Stats

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Guys have sex on the brain and even fake the occasional orgasm, according to a new Trojan survey.

Surprise, surprise — men dream about sex all day long.

Obviously, "surprise" is sarcastic; of course men have sex on the brain. But just how often dudes are dreaming of doing the deed is definitely worth a mention. Fifteen times a day, ladies. That's about once every hour and a half, which isn't so bad I suppose, but compare it to the four times a day that women reportedly think about sex, and it's pretty clear where a man's priorities lie.

The statistic comes from the results of Trojan's Charged Sex Life survey of 2,000 people in 10 major U.S. cities, which also gave some great insight as to what men and women are focusing on between the sheets. Here are just a few interesting tidbits:

Timing is everything—kind of. Less than half of those surveyed — both men and women — say they wish sex lasted longer. This could mean one of two things: Either these people are having fabulous sex already which ends in mutual climax, or they just get bored after a while. Which makes sense; if you're not doing it right, of course it will get boring.

Men fake it, too. Surveys always call out women for fabricating the big O (rightfully so, as 60 percent admitted they've faked it). However, men are guilty of lying every once in awhile, too. Nineteen percent of the men surveyed by Trojan have faked an orgasm.

Men want to try using vibrators during sex. Some women fear vibrators and ultimately believe men are afraid of them, too. But such is not the case. About three-quarters of the males surveyed by Trojan are willing to experiment in the bedroom by using a vibrator during sex; 70 percent of the ladies agreed. You know what this means — grab some batteries and get to work!

How do you mix things up in the bedroom?

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