Lindsay's Dad Procreating Again – Can We Handle Another Lohan?

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Despite the restraining order, Michael Lohan's, er, "girlfriend" Kate Major is pregnant.

When "baby Lohan" headlines broke this morning, we were extremely pleased that it's not Lindsay Lohan herself that is preggers. However, it is her father Michael Lohan who's girlfriend Kate Major is expecting. TMZ reports that Major seems to be in her first trimester with LiLo's father.

The confusing part? Well, the restraining order 28-year-old Major had previously filed against MiLo was just lifted a few weeks ago. So, that means that when they conceived the baby, it was indeed illegal for them to be in contact... and we'd consider having sex contact, wouldn't you? Michael Lohan & 6 More Worst Celebrity Dads Ever

The restraining order was filed last June by Major, who reported domestic violence at the time. In April, Major called the police saying that her former fiancé was breaking that order, banging on the windows of a salon to get her attention. After much back and forth, Major released a statement: "He is a sick, old man who I want NOTHING to do with. He is a liar and because I want nothing to do with him, he has been stalking me and I finally HAD to take action again."

Well, hate to break it to you Kate, but unfortunately you do want something to do with him (you can see her baby bump here). Lohan, 52, already has four children—Lindsay, Michael, Ali and Cody—with his ex-wife, Dina. They all reportedly "hate" Kate.

Well, let's wait for Lindsay's reaction. How do you think she'll react? Do you think this world can handle yet another hot mess of a Lohan?

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