In A Relationship? Don't Lose Your Dating Mojo!

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Five dates you should still go on when you're in a long-term relationship.

You share a bed, a Netflix queue, and maybe even a puppy. You know each others' friends, families, favorite books and deep-seated fears. It's safe to say you've comfortably settled into a long-term relationship. But has it become a routine where you spend every night at home, or at one of your apartments? Do you miss real dates?

One writer over at CollegeCandy feels your pain. "Come on guys, what's going on?" Ellen writes. "How can people seriously be 'in a relationship' and never go on dates? How did they even end up together without dating first? This isn't just alarming, it's really confusing. I get that the dating world is getting increasingly complicated and in some ways outdated. A flirty g-chat is becoming the new coffee date, and going out for dinner can be seen as really try-hard and romantic, but that doesn't mean dates should stop all together, especially when you're in a relationship!"

She goes on to suggest five types of dates that couples can, and still should, go on, even if they've passed that butterflies-in-the-stomach "dating" phase. There's very sound advice here: Once or twice a month in a relationship, go on a dinner date to keep things exciting, but more than that and you're trying too hard or spending too much money. And, "Boyfriends make perfect movie buddies": I'll agree with that one.

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