Is Katie Holmes Planning To Change Suri Cruise's Whole Name?

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes
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Rumor has it the newly single mom wants her 6-year-old daughter to go by a different name.

After signing a divorce settlement on Monday, Katie Holmes has been officially free from her marriage to Tom Cruise for four whole days. Apparently, that's not enough for the newly single mom as she's supposedly planning to make sure their daughter, Suri Cruise, cuts ties as well. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Settle Divorce: So, Who Gets What?

According to "an obscure British tabloid"—as Gawker puts it—called Now Daily, Mama Holmes wants to do away with her 6-year-old daughter's name and replace it with a new, mommy-friendly version. 

"She's been telling friends she wants to make Suri's middle name Cruise and change her surname to Holmes," a source tells the British mag.

This one's not totally out of the realm of possibility, though it would be a low blow to Tom, who has seemed to be a great dad to Suri. 

The real kicker is what Now Daily claims next – that Katie also wants to change Suri's first name to Scout. "She hates the name Suri, so she gave her a nickname from To Kill A Mockingbird." 

That's it. No explanation as to why Katie happens to like the classic book and the name Scout or why she's dissatisfied with her daughter's current name. So, take from that what you will. 

If this story has any accuracy, we think changing Suri Cruise's name should be up to only one person: Suri. If she's old enough to spell her name, she should be able to decide what it is and what it doesn't get changed to (cough, Scout Cruise Holmes), quarrelling parents be damned.

Tell us: do you think Katie is seriously considering changing Suri's name?

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