16 Ways Feeling Irresistible Benefits Your Relationship

beautiful happy couple
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Feeling confident, healthy and attractive are the keys to a happy relationship.

14. Trying new things together is the #1 way to beat relationship boredom. While feeling good as an individual greatly influences relationship satisfaction, trying new activities together can make you feel irresistible as a couple. More than half of respondents chose "trying new things together" as the number-one complacency buster in a relationship, while 19 percent chose "doing small gestures like writing love notes and doing the other's chores," and 16 percent said going on dates is the antidote to a ho-hum relationship. Just 9 percent voted for sex as the key to beating boredom, while "staying in shape/keeping up one's appearance" came in second-to-last, followed by "doing big gestures like renewing vows and taking vacations together."

15. Ladies love Angelina, but men prefer Jen! We asked respondents to choose the celebrity they think is most irresistible. Men put Jennifer Aniston first and Angelina Jolie second, with Megan Fox and Heidi Klum tied for third. In a funny reversal, women chose Angelina as the most irresistible female celebrity, with Jen coming in second and Beyoncé a very close third.

16. Men favor George Clooney, but ladies prefer Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum. The two sexy actors tied for "most irresistible male celeb," according to women. Men chose George Clooney as the most irresistible, with Brad Pitt second and Ryan Gosling third.

This list is further proof that one person's "irresistible" is another's "resistible"—there's not just one standard of beauty and irresistibility—so shake what your momma gave you and work on being a happy, healthy you in order to create a happy, healthy "you two."

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