Photos Of Prince William & Kate's Private Honeymoon Published

Kate Middleton and Prince William at Wimbledon
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An Australian magazine has published 16 photos of the royal couple hand-in-hand on their honeymoon.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine are so kind and wonderful, can't everyone just respect their privacy?

Of course not! You'd think paparazzi would have respected the couple's honeymoon after their monumental wedding was broadcast worldwide. Apparently not...

According to The Daily Beast, the cover photo on the new issue of Woman's Day Australia is very grainy and was obviously taken from a great distance, but its subjects are unmistakably Will and Kate Middleton walking along Seychelles beach where they honeymooned last year. Kate looks a bit too toned in a black bikini, while William looks happy in his beach-themed board shorts holding her hand. The cover photo is just one of 15 additional photos inside the mag. Do Prince William & Kate Middleton Have A Boring Married Life?

We're happy that their honeymoon was full of beautiful weather and quality time, but it's unclear why the photos were printed now. However, it does make sense that they were handed over to an Australian magazine – the photographer probably had to honor a contract and exclusivity period in the UK. The Daily Beast also adds: "It is possible whoever secretly commissioned the photos then had second thoughts about alienating the Palace."

And, they should've had second thoughts – the royal couple desired absolute privacy on their luxurious and remote honeymoon, and they deserved that privacy.

We are sure everyone will want a copy of these secret photos now. Unfortunately for William, it's a loss in his battle against protecting his wife from the very catalyst that ended his mother's life. 

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