Deadbeat Dad Lured To Pennsylvania For 'Jennifer Aniston Movie'

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A honey pot featuring a role in a Jennifer Aniston film tricked a deadbeat dad into paying up.

At the risk of offending one of the least powerful groups of men in America, deadbeat dads are largely a bunch of ditships. Police have been using this fact against the reticent payers for years. Per a recent Today Show, a man living in Hawaii fell for the oldest trick in the book when he took a one-million hour flight to Pennsylvania because someone called him out of the blue with word that he had been cast in a Jennifer Aniston movie. When Mr. Joshua Garlathy arrived in the Keystone State, the fuzz seized him on account of his unpaid child support to the tune of $43K.

The "actor's" baby mama, one Beth Ann Holderman, concocted the Aniston-ian gambit with the help of a bounty hunter who may (or may not) have been inspired by an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer is tricked into paying years of parking tickets under the auspices of receiving a free boat. Similar schemes have been used by law enforcement agencies across the nation — except replace "deadbeat dad" with "outstanding warrant" or "sexual predator," and replace "Jennifer Aniston film role" with "$500 gift certificate to LongHorn" or "lifetime supply of crossbow strings." While you and I won't even open emails we aren't expecting, things are different when you're playing with the house's money. Just because you haven't auditioned for a role or entered a sweepstakes, doesn't mean it can't just be handed to you via cryptic message on Facebook. I mean, actors who have spent decades humiliating themselves in front of casting agents know that sometimes you get a call out of the blue to fly to Pennsylvania to play a role in a Jennifer Aniston movie. That's what happened to Gerard Butler, after all. 

While I'm sure more than a handful of dads get hosed via family courts, running away to Hawaii and pretending the whole thing never happened is only an answer in the game "What Should Have Steve Bartman Done?" However, should you really put someone in prison for shirking years of payments? Wouldn't a Lohan-style monitoring anklet and a shaming in The Onion do the trick?

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