Relationship Fail: Good Mornin' World, My Boyfriend Loves Me!

woman yawning in bed
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If you're going to share a personal text with the world, make sure it's somewhat unique, okay?

It's perfectly normal for a guy to text his girlfriend with "good morning" to get her in a good mood for the day.

Going through the hassle of taking a screenshot of this ordinary text and uploading it to a social media platform for the world to see, however, is not normal. 

He texted you to say "good morning." That's not unheard of in any relationship. Is it really necessary to share this with the general public? Apparently, the answer is, "Yes."

The fact that this couple has some difficulty understanding that "good morning" is not in fact one word makes the whole situation that much worse. Keep your fingers crossed that they take advantage of the space bar next time this type of text is shared with the world.

At least we know her boyfriend thinks she's beautiful since that's unheard of in any relationship as well. Thankfully, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are in the background to distract us from this nonsense. Relationship Fail: You Are My Cute, Little, Adorkable Sunshine

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