Can a long distance relationship be successful?


Absence makes the heart grow fonder VS absence makes the heart grow slightly slaggy and unfaithful?

So long distance relationships ooooooo scary!! So my beloved is in the military and obviously he is away a lot and as the relationship has progressed I have found different handy ways of coping without him, now obviously it depends on the couple as to whether or not you will succeed, but sometimes even the best and happiest couples make the biggest mistakes when their partners are away. So what is the secret I hear you screaming, well let me share what I have learnt . . .

first things first trust. No relationship can be formed or given the chance to blossom without it. Ask yourself do you trust your partner? Do you trust yourself? Research has shown spouses are more likely to stray when they suspect the other half of playing away. It's very simple really just don't be pessimistic just because your partner isn't there doesn't mean they are with someone else, what is to say they aren't sat by the phone waiting for your call just like you are??

Secondly communicate, properly though, write letters keep journals send emails, phone each other, text have web chats, make the effort to talk as you would if your beau was here with you. Don't write letters about how sad and miserable you are without him on the flip side don't rage about your wild nights on the town. your partner probably feels incredibly home sick as it is so let them know you have been thinking about him but your still having fun.

Thirdly how have you been thinking about them? That cheeky you time you had earlier let him know, it will drive him wild, keep the excitement and tension for when he returns and settle his mind, now he knows how your getting your pleasure he will relax.

And lastly ensure that you have ground rules in place, both of you need to know where you stand, what is acceptable and what isn't.