Happy National Kissing Day! 6 Reasons We Love Kissing

couple kissing

Kissing, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

In honor of National Kissing Day, we had a little chat about why we love kissing... these are just a few of many, many reasons!

1. "Kissing is great because it's a sweet way to show someone you love them. And it's yummy." -- Christina, intern

2. "It's a little way to make you feel closer to the person you love." -- Caitlyn, intern

3. "It's a way to physically connect even if you're in public (as long as you don't mind PDA)." -- Emma, Social Media Manager

4. "Tongue wrestling burns calories! Plus, they say a woman can tell if the relationship has potential just after the first kiss." -- Ashley, intern

5. "Kissing can bring you closer to your date." -- Veronica, intern

6. "Kissing is so underrated. It's not appreciated as much as sex. It's romantic, playful and innocent fun!" -- Elysia, Account Manager

Add your own reasons in the comments. Why do you love kissing?

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