Friday Love Trivia: How Much Of Our Lives Do We Spend Kissing?

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Happy National Kissing Day! Can you answer this question about how long people spend kissing?

Good afternoon! It's time for Friday Love Trivia, a game where we pick out the juiciest love and relationship statistics from our amazing Love-o-Matic fact generator and see if our readers know their stuff when it comes to love.

This week's question is about kissing, since according to Twitter, it's apparently National Kissing Day! Well, yay. Answer us this: How long does the average person spend kissing over the course of his or her lifetime? 

Here's how the game works: Guess the answer in the comments. No peeking! Then see if you got the answer right by clicking on "Love Fact." If you get it right, you get a kiss from one of our interns.

The answer is here: Love Fact

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