Love Bytes: What If He Has More Sexual Experience Than You?

Plus, would you date a really good guy who is rubbish when it comes to sex?

A large number of us commit serious, serious relationship faux pas on social media (I made a great video about it!). So, how can and should we go about Tweeting and Facebooking and FourSquaring and Pinteresting without smershing up our love lives? Some advice. (eHarmony)

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If you were 14 and your mother were pressuring you to get breast implants, would you do it? (Huffington Post)

Sex confession: She cheated! And told her husband! (The Stir)

Katie Holmes' next career move will be to get away from the wishy-washy, cutthroat world of Hollywood and into the forthright and collaborative world of fashion. (NYMag)

You don't want your wedding guests to be sweaty, do you? Every way in the world to cool off your wedding guests this summer. (TresSugar)

What do you do when your partner has more sexual experience than you? (CollegeCandy)

What really happens when your relationship is "on a break"? (Madame Noire)

What body shapes are men most attracted to? (YouBeauty)

The confessions of a kinky sex beginner. (Em & Lo)

Would you stick with a great guy even if the sex was terrible? (Essence)

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