How To Get Your Ex back


Break up not such a great idea? How about finding the words that will rekindle the lost relationship

People are so quick to break up these days, I was at a party the other night with a couple of my friends, and we were all having a great time. until one of my friends gets a phone call from her boyfriend and the next thing I know she go's running out side crying and yelling on the phone.

I chased after her yelling back what's wrong what's wrong she is in tears telling me her boy friend just broke up with her and she has no idea why he did that to her.

But more importantly she didn't wan't to loose him my friend wasn't ready for her boyfriend to end the relationship and she made things a lot worse by the way she reacted toward him.

After i saw how she acted at her boyfriend, I put this video together for other couples that have had to deal with this harsh break up pain also. I knew she wanted her man back so i put something together that would give couples a second chance at the relationship.

watch it HERE

My friend wanted to text her ex like a texting nazi and bomb him with questions why what did i do how come etc....

When a break occurs anger and emotions run wild,you aren't thinking clearly you wan't to chase after your ex and try and change their mind's right on the spot this will not work it will only make things worse and drive them further away from you.

In the video I put together i have some step by step things you can do to make this process go smoothly and leaving your ex with a thought of they have made a serious mistake, in the long run it will lead them down a path of wanting you back.

You can watch this video Now HERE

These words that you speak to your ex will shock them you will be able to have a shot at them again but if you ignore these things I have put in the video and go and act like a Nazi then your on your own.