A-List Links: Can You Identify These Hot Daughters' Famous Dads?

Brian Williams and daughter

Plus, Channing Tatum makes our mouths drop and other Scientology devotees besides Tom Cruise.

Allison Williams, Alexandra Richards, Daisy Lowe — do these names ring a bell? Well, they're the hot offspring of such famous fathers as Brian Williams, Keith Richards and Rob Lowe. So, how close of a resemblance do each of these ladies have to their dads? Check out the photos here: (TooFab)

It's getting hot in here, and no, I'm not talking about summer. Channing Tatum and other hunks of Magic Mike aim to please in these drool-worthy stills from the movie! Have you seen it yet? (Zap2It)

Rough and wild Avengers star Chris Hemsworth cuddling a cooing one? You just have to see how cute this is to believe it. (CelebrityBabyScoop)

What do Meagan Good, Anderson Cooper and Andrew Keegan have in common? Get ready to be surprised: (Latina)

Their improvisional styles may have meshed, but Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's fashion styles don't. See how one elegantly outdazzled the other at the French premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man here: (Uinterview)

With Scientology being thrown into the mix of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce, one has to wonder: what other Hollywood stars support the faith? (TheDailyBeast)

It's wedding season! Sure, nothing is sexier than a guy who wants to commit, but nothing beats watching Robert Pattinson and other hot leading men popping the question! (TresSugar)

How do you define the phrase "friends with benefits?" Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher... you have some explaining to do based on these PDA photos! (TheStir)

Tough luck finding Mr. Right? Join in on the fun and tweet to #ToMyFutureHusband for tips on how to finally snag him! Find out more here: (CollegeCandy)

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